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Surge Transportation offers Mercury Gate customers easy access to Real-Time pricing on full-truckload capacity when it is needed the most. Our API returns rates every one minute and is supported by 100% tender accept and the industry’s most reliable capacity. For more than a decade Surge has been the go-to provider for short lead time, overflow, events, spikes, promotions, disruptions, auction with guaranteed service and 24/7 response time. This strategic position in your supply chain takes the volatility out of spot pricing and spot service levels while ensuring on-time deliveries and zero end customer chargebacks – hence perfecting business continuity.


SMC³ is the leading provider of data, technology and education as an integrated solution to the freight transportation community. Best known for its CzarLite®, Bid$ense® and RateWare® solutions, the company serves thousands of shippers, carriers, logistics service providers and freight-payment companies with logistics technology solutions spanning the entire shipment lifecycle.


Convoy is a nationwide digital freight network that gives shippers data-driven insights and industry-leading service levels to book loads, improve their supply chain operations, lower costs, and reduce waste. MercuryGate is directly integrated with Convoy to help shippers save time and money with automated real-time rates and guaranteed tender acceptance.


Loadsmart is a digital freight technology company that specializes in full truckload and port drayage shipping. Loadsmart is leveraging data and machine learning to build artificial intelligence processes into the complex freight cycle, allowing shippers to book a truck in seconds and providing instant and targeted loads to carriers.


Redwood Logistics, a leading logistics platform company headquartered in Chicago, has provided solutions for moving and managing freight for more than 20 years. The company’s diverse portfolio includes digital freight brokerage, flexible freight management and logistics consulting all wrapped into a revolutionary logistics and technology delivery model—Logistics Platform as a Service (LPaaS). LPaaS utilizes an open platform for digital logistics that empowers shippers to seamlessly mix-and-match partners, technologies and solutions into their own unique digital supply chain fingerprint. Redwood connects a wide range of customers to the power of supply chain management, technology and the industry’s brightest minds.


Rockfarm Logistics is a trusted and Certified MercuryGate Reseller/Integrator, providing supply chain coaching, logistics expertise and technology solutions that drive efficiencies and cost savings through process improvements, while mitigating risk for growing companies competing in a complex marketplace.


From the world's first online load board to a trusted technology leader, is passionate about helping truck drivers and freight brokers manage their freight from end to end. We've developed great friendships in the transportation industry for over 25 years and continue to work hard to make our customers' lives easier so they can focus on what's really important.


Innovation and unmatched logistics expertise to drive shipping in a new direction. Creating intuitive technology that enhances transparency. Building platforms that improve efficiency for carriers and shippers. Designing solutions to problems that have nagged the industry for decades.


Emerge’s award-winning freight procurement platform provides access to direct capacity and live market conditions helping shippers and carriers make the strongest, most beneficial decisions when procuring domestic full truckload freight. Emerge is different from other freight procurement technologies in that Emerge fosters a unique marketplace for spot and contract opportunities that allow for shippers and carriers to interact directly, with visibility into the entire process. Additionally, with Emerge’s AI-powered RFP platform, shippers can execute seasonal and mini bids in a matter of clicks, saving weeks of prep time versus spreadsheets and emails.


Cargo Chief provides one of the industry's most intuitive procurement platforms enabling freight brokers to expand their carrier base, find capacity, price accurately, and automate carrier outreach. Cargo Chief's platform, C4, empowers brokers to be more strategic by uncovering areas of improvement, refining load-to-carrier ratios, and optimizing rating decisions. With over 500,000 carriers in the C4 network, Cargo Chief offers the most accurate and current data in the truckload freight market, allowing brokerages to make superior buying decisions to pre-book more freight and scale at a profit.


enVista is a global software, consulting, managed services and automation firm, optimizing and transforming physical and digital commerce for the world’s leading manufacturers, distributors, 3PLs/LSPs and omnichannel retailers. enVista uniquely optimizes and transforms physical and digital commerce – optimizing efficiencies across supply chain, transportation, IT, enterprise business solutions and omnichannel commerce – to drive cost savings, customer engagement and revenue.


TriumphPay is the nexus of billing and payments in the transportation industry. Its payment platform – integrated with carrier finance options (QuickPay) – is used by shippers and freight brokers to process, settle and manage carrier payments across all modes of transportation. TriumphPay is offered through an operating subsidiary of TBK Bank, SSB (Member FDIC). TBK Bank, SSB is a subsidiary of Triumph Bancorp, Inc. (Nasdaq: TBK), a financial holding company with a diversified line of community banking and commercial activities.


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